Our services to designers and textile manufacturers:

Digital textile printing is making progress is the textile world. The main reason is its answers to the demands of the changeable fashion market. Advantages such as personalized prints, unlimited amount of colors, low prepress costs make digital textile printing (dtp) very popular in the fashion market. Underneath you can find a list of products and services we offer. This list is a non-limitative description of the most used applications of dtp. The facilities and application possibilities of digital textile printing are immense.
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Sample printing:

Making samples before dtp existed was very expensive and time taking. Now color and screen switches are made redundant. A digital printer can indeed print different color samples and designs in one run. A couple of meters of every (new) design are made and can be delivered within 2 weeks. This facilitates the development of new products (designs) and will boost you sales. Furthermore it will reduce the amount of unsold fabrics in stock.

Short runs & unlimited desing prints:

Digital textile printing is:

1. unlimited amount of colors
2. no obligatory repeat I the design (unlike screen and rotary printing)
3. unseen level of details compared to conventional methods of textile printing.

Dtp reduces risk of unsold stock because sales are generated by digital printed samples and we can produce the exact times at relative low costs. We can print on fabrics up to 220 cm width. We can print on:
cotton, linen, silk, polyester

Adjustments to the (digital)design:
Our Cad/Cam software offers the possibility to adjust or create a unique design from a scann, an already printed design on fabric or a digital created design. Once the design has been digitalized we can change the size, put it in repeat, recolor it and finally print it on tissue. These digital facilities and the digital printing in sequence make expensive adjustments to templates superfluous. Digitex offers a large scale of prepress services that are linked to printing. check out cad / cam page.

Weave print:
The Weave print package of Digitex simulates a woven pattern on textile without the movement of any loom. After the pattern has been digitalized and colored we print it digital onto 100 % cotton.The excellent

color / design aspect won’t go unnoticed and will give you and your customers an excellent idea of the final woven production. Traditional sampling of woven designs can take up to 9 weeks and costs up to thousands of euros for one single sample. Dtp offers the perfect alternative faster and cheaper.

Dtp pretreatment:

In order to print textile inks onto textile we have to treat the textile with a coating. This coating aims:

1. to avoid bleeding of the inks
2. to increase the color brightness
3 to improve fixation of the inks and colors
4. to improve the wash and light fastnesses

These chemicals are removed after steaming (fixation) during washing, which give the fabric its original texture.

Textiel finishings:

Digitex offers several services and textile finishing. We aim to give a complete textile enrichment program: 
-       Dirt & water repellent
-       Flame retardent
-       Bleaching and washing natural fibers
-       Applying textile softeners
-       Antistatic polyesters
-       Antibacterial and moth-proof
-       Martindale test