Digitalising & adjustments of designs:

Our Cad/Cam software offers the possibility to adjust or create a unique design from a scann, an already printed design on fabric or a digital created design. Once the design has been digitalized we can change the size, put it in repeat, recolor it and finally print it on tissue. These digital facilities and the digital printing in sequence make expensive adjustments to templates superfluous. Digitex offers a large scale of prepress services that are linked to printing.

Enlargements and reductions: Our software tools allow us to enlarge designs or pictures or any other digital file. Enlargements up to 4 times it’s original size for high quality use and 8 times for flags and banners. 

Color reductions and recoloring the design: a scanned design exists of millions of color pixels. Our tools allow us to reduce the number of colors in a design to a certain number. Just like classical rotation printing. This color-reduced design can be recolored. New colors can come from a Pantone number or from our color books. Once the design has been separated, color adjustments can happen quickly. This gives you the opportunity to print one design in different colors (samples printing). 

Repeating patterns: Once the design has the correct size and has been colored we must align it correctly. This is to avoid swifts in the design, so the beginning and the end connect smoothly. 

Production simulation: Once the design is ready we can print it on one of our standard fabrics or onto your fabric. This allows you to print a couple of meters (samples) or make a prototype of your new product before it goes into production. No need to invest in expensive printing screens before you have sold 1 meter of your design. Also expensive color and screen switches are made redundant. With digital printing the amount of colors or designs are unlimited.